Music for Leaders -

Conducting Qualities for Managers & Executives


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What could Managers and Executives learn from Music Conductors?

Today a modern business enterprise functions similar to a big symphony orchestra. In both cases everyone works towards the fulfillment of a task, that can only be carried out through the combined effort of an able and motivated team.

Each person involved in the process is a specialist in his field and contributes to the success of the whole venture.

A good instrument, team spirit, ability and commitment are deciding factors for the success.

A music conductor as well as an executive in a concern can succeed in the long run when he knows the true potential of his team and knows how to motivate each one to achieve his best.

The ability to convey ones vision in a plain structured setting and to create good working conditions is indispensable.

Music offers an ideal training field to develop the competence that successful executives require in future:

  •  foresighted in visualizing plans and prospects,
  •  clear perception of the needs of employees and customers,
  •  explicit and motivating communication.
  • Music for Leaders is an intensive Leadership Training

    2 days, 2 trainers, 8-10 participants. Target group: managers and executives who want to revise and enrich their managing qualities and attitudes or for those who want to reach a higher goal.

    In "Music for Leaders"

  •  we impart selected leadership knowledge
  •  we offer musical exercises to experience and practice leadership
  •  we encourage qualities of perception and determination in appearance
  •  we offer the possibility of conducting a choir group or even an orchestra
  •  we improve self-evaluation and give the chance to get to know oneself better for individual self-development.
  • There are more than five reasons for this innovative training — get your benefit from "Music for Leaders"!